How Double Yolk screens applicants

Learn how Double Yolk screens hundreds of applicants each month with VideoAsk, while keeping key stakeholders in the loop.

Screen better and faster

Before using VideoAsk, Double Yolk's screening process was unscalable. They were also working long hours to have calls with global applicants and were looking for a way to keep stakeholders in the loop.

Now with VideoAsk, they're screening around 100 applicants a month, and sharing the applications with their clients in a simple, consistent way.

Double Yolk uses VideoAsk to save time screening applicants.

By screening applicants with VideoAsk, Double Yolk quickly get an idea of who should proceed to an interview. Meanwhile, the asynchronous aspect means that they're not having to schedule late night screening calls with global applicants.

Instead of having to jump onto video interviews, I'm able to pre-screen any candidate quickly and easily, and see if it's worth us then going through to the second stage interview. I pre-screen around 100 candidates a month with VideoAsk.

Tehya — Head of Talent @ Double Yolk

Double Yolk also use VideoAsk to share applications with key stakeholders.

Tehya is able to share the VideoAsk applications with key stakeholders via a URL or embedding it in an email. This helps her clients and team get a feel for who they might be interviewing in a professional yet easy way.

I can share the links with other members of my team and customers who are hiring. I think it does a really good job of setting an expectation for our customers of who they're jumping on a call with, and it's helped us close deals as well.

Tehya — Head of Talent @ Double Yolk

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Features for recruitment

Integrate with your ATS and calendar

Integrate with your ATS (e.g. Greenhouse) and calendar, to manage all your applicants in one place and let highly qualified candidates directly book an interview.

File Upload

Drop-off analysis

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